BBX Capital Announces IT’SUGAR’s Emergence from Bankruptcy

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- BBX Capital, Inc. (OTCQX: BBXIA) (PINK: BBXIB) (“BBX Capital” or the “Company”) announced today that IT’SUGAR LLC and its wholly owned subsidiaries (collectively, “IT’SUGAR”) have emerged from bankruptcy and BBX Capital has reacquired control of IT’SUGAR and will again consolidate the results of IT’SUGAR into its financial statements.

As previously announced, on September 22, 2020, IT’SUGAR filed petitions for voluntary relief under Chapter 11 of Title 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code (“Chapter 11”) in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida (the “Bankruptcy Court”). On June 16, 2021, the Bankruptcy Court entered an order (the “Confirmation Order”) confirming the plan of reorganization filed by IT’SUGAR as modified by the Confirmation Order (the “Plan”). On June 17, 2021 (the “Effective Date”), all conditions precedent to the Plan were satisfied or waived. Accordingly, on the Effective Date, BBX Capital’s equity interests in IT’SUGAR were revested in BBX Capital. As a result of the confirmation of the Plan, BBX Capital was deemed to have reacquired a controlling financial interest in IT’SUGAR and will again consolidate the results of IT’SUGAR into its financial statements.

Pursuant to the Plan, claims against and interests in IT’SUGAR were treated as follows:

  • the Company’s subsidiary, which held an Allowed Prepetition Line of Credit Secured Claim, was repaid in full through the Exit Facility (as defined and more particularly described below);
  • the Allowed Prepetition Equipment Loan Secured Claim held by the Company’s subsidiary was assumed, ratified, and reinstated on the Effective Date;
  • each holder of an Allowed Construction / Mechanic’s Lien Claim received payment in full in cash on the Effective Date or will receive such payment as soon as practicable after the Effective Date;
  • each holder of an Allowed General Unsecured Claim received, in full satisfaction of such claims, a one-time lump sum distribution equal to 15% of its Allowed General Unsecured Claim on the Effective Date or will receive such payment as soon as practicable after the Effective Date;
  • holders of Subordinated Claims will not receive any distribution in respect thereof; and
  • BBX Capital and the other holder of equity interests in IT’SUGAR had their respective interests revested, and all organizational documents of IT’SUGAR were assumed, ratified, and reinstated.

The Plan was funded by IT’SUGAR’s cash on-hand and a secured exit credit facility (the “Exit Facility”) advanced by a subsidiary of the Company of up to $13.0 million (less the amount of the subsidiary’s existing Prepetition Line of Credit and DIP Loan due from IT’SUGAR, which had an aggregate principal balance of $10.0 million as of the Effective Date), subject to certain customary terms and conditions.

The Plan incorporates an integrated compromise and settlement of claims. Unless otherwise specified in the Plan, the Plan and the Confirmation Order were in full satisfaction of all claims against and interests in IT’SUGAR, and all of IT’SUGAR’s existing funded debt was discharged on the Effective Date.

As previously announced, IT’SUGAR’s creditors overwhelmingly voted to accept the Plan, with creditor acceptance of the Plan representing approximately 99% in both number and dollar amount of ballots cast.

IT’SUGAR is currently operating 96 retail locations across the United States, including the 10 “temporary” retail locations.

BBX Capital expects to file a Current Report on Form 8-K with the SEC on June 17, 2021 that will include additional information related to the Plan, a business update related to IT’SUGAR, and pro forma financial information related to BBX Capital’s reacquisition of control of IT’SUGAR.

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